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The Digital Wise Difference

Digital Wise Media Public Relations Agency is a dynamic, versatile, and full-service digital marketing agency with reputation management services combined with local SEO services; we use a forward-thinking approach and leverage the latest technologies.  Our digital marketing services are simple; we offer complete public relations services, custom website design, and digital marketing services.  Search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing are necessary to drive new customers, but we believe your reputation is equally, if not more, important.

Our Digital Marketing Packages range from ad spend and monthly services provided. Digital Wise Media uses the “7 Wonders of Marketing on the www” to dominate the search engines. These are the channels we believe you need to use, and depending on your business, ad spending will vary.  Using the Brand & Build, Design & Promote and Coach & Teach methods allows us to focus on the channels necessary to achieve the results we do.

About Digital Wise Media

Digital Wise Media works with businesses in several industries.

  • We are not a one-size fit; however, there are many components that ALL successful online marketing requires where; many companies will charge you al-la cart and expect you to know what you need and tell them precisely what to do.
  • We are not like that.
  • We will analyze your online marketing and give you a plan of what we can do for you.
  • That’s the Digital Wise Media difference.
  • When you hire a Publicist, Digital Marketing Agency, or Reputation Management Firm, you want them to provide you with their expertise and how they will help you. That’s what we do!

Superbowl Ads for Realtors

Brand & Build

Strategic Planning

Public Relations

Reputation Management

Influencer Branding

Creative Branding

Design & Promote

Website Design

PPC Campaigns

Social Media Marketing



Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Coach & Teach

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Website Design Workshops

Google Ads 101

Google Ads Advanced

Probate for Realtors

Marketing Services We Offer

  • Custom Website Designed/ Redesigned/ Optimized 
  • Reels, Shorts & Posting- Social Media Strategies
  • Email Campaign Set up Setting Up your List and email Capture forms
  • Call Tracking- Phone Numbers set up for different channels or marketing campaigns which dynamically switch out based on how they arrived on your website. 
  • Content Included- We create content for you. With your help, of course. 
  • Social Integration- Connecting all your social accounts with your website.
  • Press Releases- Sending our regular news to the media about your business, you, and how your specialties. 
  • Geofencing Ads- Targeting Specific people in specific areas. 
  • PPC Ads & Banners- Banners and PPC Text Good and Network Ads
  • Remarketing Ads- Re-targeting those who have been to your website or social media accounts. 
  • PPC Spend Varies- From $10,000 monthly and up 
  • Analytics Tracking- Setting up Reports to show you all the numbers and KPIs
  • Schema Set Up- Adding your business, you, events address, contact info, and other information to Googles Index
  • Reputation Mgmt- Make sure you look good, stay ahead of negative news, and explain what is necessary.
  • Social Media Posting- POsting content on your platforms
  • Reviews & Engagement- Replying to reviews left on your various reputation management pages. 
  • Public Relations- Scheduling You in the Media and at events to help gain your popularity and exposure. 
  • Google News Articles- Making sure you are in the News.
  • Manage Your Brand- Managing how the messaging and information are disseminated to the public.
  • Create Engagement- Strategies and Tactics to gain followers and engagement in your social media accounts. 
  • Affiliates Set Up- For those who want to make money from products online
  • Influencer Set Up- For those who want to become an influencer.
  • Manage Your Brand- Managing you or your business and the way you are perceived in public.
  • Get FB Account Verified-  Strategies to get your FB Verified.
  • Get Instagram Verified- Strategies to Get Your Instagram Verified.
  • Get Twitter Verified – Strategies to Get Your Twitter Verified.
  • Knowledge Panel- Strategies to get you a knowledge panel on Google
  • Match You W/ Affiliates
  • Sponsors Exposure
  • Advanced Influencer
  • Reels, Tiktok, YouTube- Creating content for Video
  • Monetize Your Accounts- Making your money from your site


Brand and Build