Digital Marketing Bootcamp- Anchorage AK

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Digital Marketing Bootcamp- Anchorage AK

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The 7 Wonders of Marketing on the WWW- What you Absolutely Need to Know!

Digital Marketing Workshops consist of so many marketing channels and learning to apply those tactics to your business can be confusing and overwhelming.  This workshop is designed to teach you a little about alot concerning digital marketing. Although we say basics – this class has tons of advanced features and tactics and we show you how to put it all together to get the best from your digital marketing.

Prereq: You should be able to search the internet, access your email. save documents and all basic computer skills.  You can bring a laptop to this class and that would be recommended, but absolutely not necessary.

You will learn the following:

  1. Website Strategy– What is important- How to ensure you are using the best practices, fixing any errors, setting up subscriber lists and ensuring your website speed is not slowing down your SEO ranking
  2. Search Engine Optimization– What is it, Tips to make sure your website uses the best practices- we help you set up any tags, heading etc you need help with. Please give you a list of resources to use anytime you need help. How to get to the top of the search engines the right way. Using Keywords!
  3. Social Media– Setting up the main social media accounts- Business accounts- ensuring you set up and track properly. Adding the social media accounts to your website. Posting on the your social media accounts. Cheat sheets and time management schedules to ensure you do what you have to, but do not waste all your time. We teach you what you need to know, how to do it and what tools to use.
  4. Social Media Paid Ads– Learn How to create ads that attract the right buyer or seller. Find niches online that you can target. PLUS: Re-targeting- Ever wonder how your on a website shopping and a few minutes later see the same item on another site or in your Facebook feed or Instagram?? You Have Just Been Re-targeted!!!  Learn how to do this and Re-target not only buyers and sellers from your website but also your competitors and other Facebook pages. A MUST KNOW and we show you how inexpensive and easy this is!!
  5. Google PPC- Search Engine Marketing – Paid– Social Media Ads- We teach you how to set up Google Ads, Display ads, Social Media ads- Instagram, Facebook, snap chat get content for the ads, and LinkedIn ads. How to get content for the ads, banners made inexpensively and how to set up so you do not waste money.
  6. Google News- Press Releases–  Want to be on Google New. Google Real Estate Anchorage and want to see your article or video on the first page in the google news?? We are going to show you how to accomplish this and how to use this to your advantage in your own niche.
  7. Siri- Voice Search- Alexa and YouTube–  How to maximize these voice and video searches for your business and why you need to care about voice search and YouTube.  How to maximize to your benefit.
  8. Local SEO– Setting up local SEO, directories and ensuring  your consistency across the web. Inexpensive ways to minimize and leverage your local online presence.
  9. Reputation Management– Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook Reviews- plus all those other random review site spitting up everyday. How to use the right ones, track and maintain your online reputation. If you do not have one Lets built you a simple one.
  10. Email Marketing, List Building and AutoResponders– Every Visitor to your website, open houses, closed deals, listing clients who never became a client, friends and anyone in your pipeline should be receiving emails from you monthly at least. We will teach you how to get them on a drip campaign… plus give you all the templates to use and websites you can use to do this inexpensively.
  11. Google Analytics & Call Tracking– Set up all these great tools but now you need to track what works. We teach you simple yet efficient ways and tools to use to ensure your spending money in the right place. Great You have a website, Facebook, google ads, magazine ads, display ads, reputation accounts, sending our press releases, posting on zillow and and everywhere else.  How do you know where these buyers and sellers are coming from,  keeping track is not as hard as you might think. We will show you a proven easy way to get this all set up. Step by step and it’s so easy to do but so absolutely necessary!
  12. Resources- We will provide you with tons of websites and resources for everything you need to do your online marketing. It’s a very robust but easy to do system once you get it going.  All the tools you need are provided to you. We are also available to help you after the class, and for any troubleshooting afterwards. You can call, email and talk to us and we will walk you thru any issue you are having.

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Digital Marketing Workshop- Anchorage
End: Dec-16-20 07:00 AM

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Dec-16-20 @ 09:00 AM to
Dec-16-20 @ 04:00 PM

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