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Geofencing Marketing for Realtors

Geofencing Marketing for Realtors is location-based marketing practice that uses GPS points, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a virtual barrier. Once this barrier or fence is established, alerts are sent to those smartphone users who enter, exit, or remain parked in this pre-defined geographical location, geofence, or geotargeting.

EXAMPLE- A buyer walks into a new construction model home, looks at the model homes, and walks around the community.  You can target buyers who visit these communities and model homes specifically.  You can show them branding ads about you, and a message may be saying, “It’s Free to Have Your Own Realtor Who works for YOU- Not the Builder.”  or something similar or any message you want to say. We design banners for you in all the sizes you need, in a design you approve of and will love. When clicked, one live banner will go to a landing page we can create for you- or your website.


Geotargeting for Realtors offers:

  • You can capture market share by enticing people to your brokerage after they’ve visited a nearby competitor.
  • DigitalWise Medias Blueprints technology builds a digital map of every area.
  • You can refine this data to build a location-based audience targeted by offline visitation behavior.
  • In other words, if you want to promote homes within a few miles of a desirable school district, you can do it.

Geotargeting Target Ads- Based on Behavior

Marketing to Potential Home Buyers

Shopping for a new home signals a big life change. Leverage DigitalWises targeting capability to reach In-Market for Home Audiences at various stages throughout their purchase journey.

What it is

DigitalWise Media leverages location information from homes on the market to target visitors to open houses nationwide, with messaging and offers relevant to potential new home buyers. The power to reach this big purchase audience with precision ensures you can connect with this audience at the right moments during this decision-heavy timeframe.


  • Target consumers in real-time while at a listed open house
  • Reach audiences based on their historical behavior if they visited an open house in the last 90 days
  • Differentiate audiences based on the value of homes visited relative to the local market

Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

  • Track verified walk-ins: create a blueprint of where you want to measure foot traffic. Then you can track activity and improve lead generation.
  • Build brand awareness: When creating your ads, optimize for the “delivery” goal, which helps you reach a wider audience you can later retarget based on behavior.
  • Measure website engagement: Use click optimization to ensure you get the most clicks for your ad budget.
  • Track multiple mobile calls to action (CTAs): Set up a mobile-optimized landing page with one of DigitalWise Media templates, and you can track multiple CTAs, including click to call, click for directions, and click to visit a website. This helps increase user engagement.

The bottom line is that when you use real estate marketing tactics, such as location data and geofencing, for real estate marketing, you reduce time wasted on unqualified traffic. Instead, you can narrow your focus to reach people interested in a particular area or type of property.

The DigitalWise Media Ads Manager platform will help you market to the right people in the right place at the right time. You can start effective campaigns more quickly and leverage real estate data visualization for better insights, strengthening your SEO efforts and social media marketing.

Interested in real-estate location marketing and want to stay ahead of the game? Sign up for the DigitalWise Medias Ads Manager platform!

Create Custom Audiences

Geofencing: The technology DigitalWise Media uses allows you to define an exact and targeted 0.1-mile radial fence around a specific location. So, when marketing in a particular neighborhood, you can geofence the nearby shopping centers, office spaces, and parks people in that area use. In addition, if you’re handling rentals, geofencing real estate helps you target leasing offices prospective customers are likely to visit.

 Geofencing for conquesting: You can set up a geofence around a competitor’s MLS listings and show ads to people looking at them. This can influence them to look at your listings instead. And you can save this niche audience for future marketing, such as retargeting campaigns to influence their behavior further.

Geofencing Experts: Set up Geofencing ads inside Builder Models and new communities to find new buyers. Then retarget them on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Whether you’re selling condos or vacation rentals, every MLS listing caters to a different demographic. In combination with your real estate data visualization, you can use DigitalWise Media geofencing to create audiences based on what you’re marketing and who you want to reach.
  • For example, if you’re selling luxury apartments in South Beach, it doesn’t make sense to target the entire city of Miami. That’s a waste of your ad budget, as you’ll be marketing to millions of people who aren’t interested.
  • Instead, use more refined criteria, serving targeted ads to buyer categories like affluent shoppers, golfers, or luxury car owners. The more relevant your marketing is, the more likely you are to make sales.

Metaverse Marketing for Realtors

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