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What Strategic Planning Services Can do for Your Company


Strategic Planning is often forgotten when running our business. Typically we get so involved in being reactive, especially in small to medium-sized companies, that we deal with challenges as they present themselves and adjust necessary. Ideally, this is not how we like to operate our business. Still, we are too busy running our business and trying to make money that we do not spend the time necessary to plan, usually because we do not have the extra time. That’s where we come in.

Strategic Planning

For our team to effectively help you achieve your goals, we need to learn what these goals are. There are several steps we take in preparing your strategic plan.

A Strategic plan incorporates your objectives and goals and the steps necessary to achieve them.  A digital strategic plan typically focuses on your online or digital goals and objectives and explains the basic strategies and tactics for achieving them. We look at your online presence and analyze it to develop an action plan. 

DigitalWise Media is your strategic planning partner.  Strategic planning must be proactive, plan for what you want, and achieve company goals. There are many types of strategic planning, and our goal is to combine your business objectives, mission, and goals with a digital strategy that starts with a strategic plan.

10 Steps to Write Your Strategic Plan


  1. We first learn all about your business. If you have some in place, what is your current mission statement, goals, objectives, and strategies?
  2. Look at your sales goals, staffing needs and goals, strengths and weaknesses, competition, and the current market and trends for your business. We do a complete analysis of your business specifically and your market, and the existing trends.
  3. Then we look at your reputation, your online advertising and marketing, your print, and all your marketing efforts and tactics. We look at your budgets in each area, your available budgets, and your marketplace budgets.
  4. Once we gather all this information, we sit down with you and review our recommendations based on our expertise, the current market, past and present trends, and your goals and objectives.
  5. We then work with you to write a strategic plan. Typically we write annual plans, although you should go over your goals and where you are in the project quarterly.

Strategic Analysis  & Planning

Strategic Analysis and Planning look at every bit of your current online marketing, offline marketing, reputation, goals, and objective. Social media marketing has become more critical than ever in today’s ever-changing social landscape. Gone are when a company could throw up a Facebook or Instagram page and post without any thought process behind it. In fact, not having an effective social media marketing strategy holds companies back from their total income potential. If a brand wants to compete in today’s marketplace, it must create a strategic social media plan. Here are some reasons why.

Proper Strategic Planning Grows and Cultivates an Audience

Companies that lack a solid social media presence lose the opportunity to create a community of passionate followers for their brand. Anyone who works in sales knows that the secret to selling is building long-lasting relationships. Although that’s always been the case, relationship-building has changed forms. In-person communication is still important, but digital communication has dominated the marketing industry. By strategically planning social media marketing, a company is investing in building and maintaining potentially millions of business relationships. An audience cannot grow or cultivate using social media improvisation.

Social media marketing is an outstanding opportunity to showcase a brand to virtually unlimited people. It is the perfect way to take control of a company’s image and portray itself to the outside world. By strategically planning a digital image, a company will showcase its brand exactly how they want to be seen while building relevance in the digital world. Conducting social media marketing without any thought creates an image that a company is not relevant or keeping up with the times.

Strategic Consultant

Because social media strategy is essential in building client relationships, customer service goes hand in hand. Creating a strategic social media plan allows a company to overhaul its customer service experience positively. Customers could respond to their questions or concerns quicker than by making a phone call or coming into the office. Strategically figuring out how to respond to customers can drive revenue.

Customers want to buy from a transparent company with its business model. Transparency creates a sense of honesty that helps potential and current customers feel safe. Social media can be a top way to maintain transparency, but only if done strategically. Whether it’s a fun picture of your internal employees or a sneak peek of an upcoming product, customers will want to follow a strategic company of its social media transparency because it will make them feel special.

Whether it’s fair or not, many customers will not buy from a company that has a low-quality digital and social presence. Although a weak social media strategy does not necessarily mean low-quality products, unfortunately, in business, customers usually judge a book by its cover. Low-quality social media pages create an impression that a company is behind.

These are only a few reasons your company should create a strategic social media marketing plan. This is an investment that is worth it and will bring in revenue. Do not ignore this form of influential marketing. Begin your project today.

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Geofencing is a location-based service that allows businesses to engage with their target audience and send relevant messages whenever their mobile devices enter or exit a virtual boundary marked by the brands as granular as you like.

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Digital Marketing Coaching involves analyzing your business, competitors, target market, objective, and goals. Our Digital Marketing Coaching combines strategies and tactics based on your business objectives and goals.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Analysis and Planning look at every bit of your current online marketing, offline marketing, reputation, goals, and objective. Social media marketing has become more critical than ever in today’s ever-changing social landscape.

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