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What are Google Display Ads?

Google Display Ads are effective marketing ads that show creative and eye-catching visual banners across multiple ad-supported websites across the internet. If you’ve ever landed on a blog or a shopping website, you’ve likely seen these ads much like the example below.


Workshop example:


WorkShop Display Ads


These are much different from the text-based search ads you might find during a direct google search. By contrast, Google Display Ads are visual, and so they use much more imagery and can also use color, different font types, high-quality pictures or graphics, and more.  These ads help connect businesses with millions of users around the web and can be particularly effective when managed by a professional.  If you’re looking for help growing your business with high converting Google Display Ads, click here to contact our Google Certified experts to start building your campaign.


Google Display Ads Benefits


Below are a few benefits to using Google Display Ads (GDAs). For assistance managing these types of ads, click here to contact our team of experts now.


  • Reach more people for less. GDAs are displayed across the Google Display Network that houses hundreds of thousands of sites and reaches millions of people for your specified budget.
  • Get measurable results. GDAs allow you to track how they are performing, so you’ll know which ads drive the most traffic and which ones you should turn off.
  • Effective targeting options. Our team optimizes your ad, so it’s only shown to people who fit within your target audience. Targeting allows you to maximize your budget on people who’d be most likely to buy your product or service.


Get Started with Google Display Ads


At DigitalWise Media, we help clients set up and manage their Google Display Ads. We work within your budget and custom branding to create high-converting ads that help drive results. If you’d like to get started with Google Display Ads, click here to send us a message, or call (702) 707-2600 to get started today!